Flat brush - Hake

Product no.: 8501001

1 piece
original Japanese flat brush - Hake - with trimming of the finest goat hair in wooden clamp without metal for Japanese lacquer - urushi.
Stocking width: 2.5 cm
Brush length: 28.5 cm

Notice fpr urushi:
These very fine paint brushes are characterized by their high color inclusion asset, equal ink flow and longer durability compared to traditional sable brushes.

In order to clean the brush a couple of drops of turpentine oil are drop- ped on the bristles , and with a wooden spatula the lacquer residues are carefully scraped off the brushes into a container. This has to be repeated until the brush is clean. Finally, the brush is soaked with canola oil and put in the form.
Before the brush can be used again, the canola oil has to be washed with turpentine oil. If not removed, the canola oil will reduce the quality of the lacquer applications and will influence the hardening of the lacquer in a negative way.


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Flat brush - Hake

Flat brush - Hake