Animal glue

Bone Glue (pearls)
Hide Glue (gries)

Bone glue consists of light to yellow-brown pearl-like pearl barley with a typical smell of its own. It is obtained from animal connective tissue protein and reacts slightly acidic to neutral. It does not irritate the skin or mucous membranes and can be kept almost indefinitely if stored in a dry place.
The solution of bone glue in water is neutral and low in foam. Bone glue does not create aging glue layers of high elasticity and hardness at the same time. But bone glue is not waterproof.

Bone glue is first stirred into cold water in a volume ratio of 1: 1, where it swells without going into solution. After complete swelling, which takes a few minutes to an hour, depending on the particle size, approx. 24 with pearl glue
Hours, the melt occurs when heated to approx. 50-60 ° C. The heating should be done by indirect heating in a water bath.
If the glue is liquid, it is evenly applied to the surfaces to be glued using a glue brush. Processing should also take place at 60 ° C. If necessary, the finished glue is diluted with a little hot water.

hide glue:
Gelatinous Strength: 285-315 Bloomgrams
Viscosity: 90-110 mPa*s
bone glue:
Gelatinous Strength: 170-190 Bloomgrams
Viscosity: 40-60 mPa*s



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Animal glue

Animal glue