EPO-TEK 301-2

Two component epoxy resin which hardens at room temperature (2 days) or in Oven at 80 ° C (3 hours). EPO-TEK can be colored for bonding with titanium oxide or KOREST tint - white.
As a tool for mixing recommend our spatula set, which is resistent to acetone and epoxy resin.

EPO-TEK has a limited storage period (12 months from production date).

Operarting instructions

Mixing ratio: 100 g Part A (resin): 35 g Part B (hardener) EPO-TEK needs to be stored at room temperature in closed containers. Part A tends to crystallization in case of storage. 

This phenomenon can be disposed in the following way: container with Part A needs to be warmed up in an Oven at 45-50 °C until the crystals are melted.  Put cap loose. Before using cool down at room temperature.




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EPO-TEK 301-2