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URUSHI Art - Set

URUSHI Art - Set
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Products description

40 g Raw lacquer (Ki urushi) / Branch lacquer (Seshime urushi)
40 g Transparent lacquer (Syuai urushi)
40 g Black lacquer (Roiro urushi / Kuro urushi)
50 g Red lacquer (Aka urushi / Shu urushi)
50 g Blue lacquer (Ao-iro urushi)
50 g Yellow lacquer (Ki-iro urushi)
50 g Green lacquer (Kusa-iro urushi / Seishitsu urushi)
  • The Japanese Seshime urushi (raw lacquer) is used among others for the manufacture of adhesives and fillers. In the Japanese lacquer technique, he also serves as a primer with various additives. 
Note: Earlier, Seshime urushi (branch lacquer) was obtained from the thin branches of the lacquer tree. Today, Seshime urushi varnishes from various import raw lacquers and is therefore only a trademark for Ki urushi (raw lacquer).
  • In the Japanese lacquer technique, the transparent lacquer is added to the colored urushi pastes blue, yellow and green, since these color pastes have only a small amount of urushi.
    Transparent paint also serves as a surface and polish varnish.

Advice on health and labor protection

  1. The liquid Japanese lacquer can cause skin allergic reactions, so avoid skin contact with urushi. In rare cases, allergic reactions may also be caused by contact with the urushi vapors.
  2. While handling Urushi you should definitely wear latex or nitrile gloves! Discard contaminated clothing immediately.
  3. After skin contact with Urushi, immediately wipe the affected skin with rapeseed oil and cellulose.
  4. After eye contact with Urushi, thoroughly rinse eyes with water and seek medical attention.
  5. Clean the work surface with organic solvents such as alcohol or acetone.
  6. The workspace should be well ventilated.
  7. Brushes are cleaned with rapeseed oil. Other tools are placed in the humidor as urushi cures in this environment.