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Hxtal NYL-1

Hxtal NYL-1
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Hxtal NYL-1

Products description

      SPECIAL PACKAGES for large consumers on request!
1981/82 was this two-component epoxy resin designed specifically for the restoration of glass and porcelain and is produced in unaltered quality. It is characterized by its high resistance to aging - when properly processed.
This product is used as an adhesive (infiltration bonding) and binders for modeling masses to complete points of failore. Hxtal can be colored for bonding with titanium oxide or KOREST tint - white.
As a tool for mixing recommend our spatula set, which is resistent to acetone and epoxy resin.
Mixing ratio: 3 parts by weight of Part A (Resin) to 1 part by weight of Part B (hardener).
Cool and dry (room temperature ca. 22°C) in tightly closed containers
Hxtal NYL-1 ™ is workable as a rule from the delivery date 11-12 months. If the package opened only rarely and briefly for the removal of the components, so a longer availability is possible.
On rare occasions, one chemical component of HXTAL Part A can begin to crystalize at temperatures below 15°C. There is nothing wrong with your epoxy and it's very easy to fix.
Just warm your HXTAL Part A to around 65°C for 6-7 hours and it will go back into solution and will not crystalize again. You can then use it as you normally would with no ill effects at all.
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