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Pur-Acryl Glaze

Pur-Acryl Glaze
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Pur Acryl

Products description

This tried and tested product has been successfully used by Italian restorers for years.
Mixing ratio resin (glossy) and hardener 4: 1 / thinner addition to approx. 50%
Mixing ratio resin (matt) and hardener 5: 1 / thinner addition approx. 30% to 50%
Mixture of glaze resin glossy / matt influences the gloss level.

Drying dependent on ambient temperature, humidity and coating thickness - Guide values: Dust-free 30-40 minutes, tack-free workable 6-8 hours, through drying 48 hours.
Warming cabinet drying (after 30 minutes evaporation at 20 ° C): at 60 ° C for 30 minutes.
The complete curing takes place in each case after 3 to 4 days.
The product is flammable, it contains i.a. Xylene (Xn), light aromatic solvent naphtha (Xn, N) and 1,2,4-trimethylbenzene (N, Xn), irritates eyes and skin and is harmful by inhalation. Keep away from direct sunlight and frost, keep away from heat and sources of ignition.

The proven synthetic resin glazes we offer are non-yellowing coatings with excellent gloss retention, high elasticity and good adhesion to supplements. Hardened plastic glaze layers can be easily removed with acetone or thermomechanically with scalpel and hot air. This means that the products fulfill all the requirements placed on a modern, reversible, museum-friendly restoration. Our synthetic resin glazes differ slightly in their optical and processing properties.

ATTENTION! The hardener components of 2-component synthetic resin glazes react strongly with humidity. Therefore only work in rooms with the lowest possible humidity, tools must be completely dry - rub with acetone beforehand. Immediately close the container immediately after removal.

Note on the packaging of the glaze hardener:
At the edge of the dosage lid, hardener can escape slightly - this is technically necessary and does not constitute grounds for complaint.

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