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Supporting compound 2K

Supporting compound 2K
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Supporting compound

Products description

Supporting compound based on pure, finely ground sucrose powder * and methylcellulose.
1 part of methylcellulose is mixed with about 6 parts of sucrose powder to a solid kneadable mass.

The support mass is placed under the defect of fragile objects (petals, porcelain tulle ...) with modeling instruments. The drying time depends on the layer thickness, ambient temperature and humidity and is around 24 hours.
After complete curing, the support material is very hard and resistant to epoxy resins and acetone, so that supplements based on epoxy resins can be easily applied. A release agent is not required.

After hardening and revision of the supplement, the support mass can be easily dissolved in warm water (40 ° - 80 ° C).

* Sucrose powder is really nothing more than icing sugar. The icing sugar available in the supermarket may possibly contain additives such as e.g. cornstarch (to prevent clumping) and is therefore not suitable for our purposes.