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Restoration of Porcelain and Stoneware (brochure - English)

Restoration of Porcelain and Stoneware (brochure - English)
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Restoration of Porcelain and Stoneware - A practical Guide

Author: Stefan Drescher
1. Edition 2019 (English)
Staple binding, 60 pages
Illustrations: 2 graphics (bk), 21 tables
Format: 210 mm x 150 mm
KOREST Restaurierungsbedarf

From the content:
Preparation and cleaning
Dry cleaning
Wet cleaning
Release mounting connection
Screw connection and plaster
Remove old restorations
Use of solvents
Use of heat

Gluing of fragments
Mixing the epoxy resin components
Adhesive techniques
Infiltration gluing
Piece-by-piece gluing
Assembly bonding

Supplement missing areas
Making of models and silicone molds
Supplement masses
Properties and special features of the supplementary masses
Selection of supplementary mass for porcelain according to degree of whiteness and color shading
Making and processing of supplementary mass
Surface treatment of the supplements
Scraping the supplemented surface with the scalpel
Machine grinding
Hand sanding
Polishing of supplemented surfaces on stoneware
Decor and glaze supplement
Resin glazes

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