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KOREST Ceracell G - wet MASS

KOREST Ceracell G - wet MASS
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Ceracell G (Moist finished mass)

Products description

0.1 kg (about 60 cm3) or
1 kg (approx. 600 cm3) KOREST ceracell G - WET

Delivery in foil wrapped in tightly closing plastic can with foam sponge.
(Crease mixture with aluminum silicate, binder-based aqueous methylcellulose) to supplement missing parts on porous ceramics (pottery, such as faience, majolica, earthenware, etc.)

Storage in refrigerator; knead carefully before use!


  • Complementary to small defects of porous ceramics
  • The attachment points of the ceramic flaws can be sprayed with solvent based resin or methylcellulose solution. Before the Ceracell application, the barrier should dry.
KOREST Ceracell F is so malleable, ductile and modellierfähig such as clay, so that it also quickly and easily replicas of sculptures and vessels can be made.

Properties of the supplement composition Ceracell G

  • Color: cream white
  • Dyeable with colorants (pigments) by addition to methyl cellulose solution
  • Liability: At all, dust and grease free, porous surfaces
  • Shrinkage: about 1,5 %
  • Storage wet mass: in plastic foil, in a tightly closed box next to a wet sponge
  • Mohs hardness (after curing): 2 - with fingernail scratchable (such as gypsum)
  • Drying time (depending on temperature, humidity and thickness of the supplement: about 5 to 12 hours
  • After drying application of KOREST ceracell-G (ngobe) with brush for smoothing the surface (2 - 3 layers between them easily grind).
  • Surface decoration is possible with all Retouch Colours and resin glazes
  • Reversibility after curing: continuous water 

Processing of KOREST Ceracell G wet mass

Faulty areas are deposited with base wax, or sticky tape. The mass is applied using modeling tools or by hand. The mass piece is to be applied at ceramic previously dipped briefly in distilled water, so that a fine slurry coating forms on the surface. Ensure good adhesion is achieved on the surface of the ceramic shard approach.
The surface can be smooth with rubber glove very well with the hand; also moistened modelling instruments, brush or natural sponge can do this.
For the production of moldings, the mass may be put into silicone molds. In this case, a beautiful smooth surface of the shape is achieved.
These shapes can be coated with slurry (diluted with water ceracell G -mass) on the ceramic or supplemented areas.
Cured mass can be sanded, carved and shaped with wet brushes or sponges on. 

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