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Ceracell G (Powder)

Products description

Creide mixture for the preparation of a modeling paste or slip engobe on a binder basis methylcellulose.


  • Filling of small lost parts on porous ceramics.
  • The attachment points of the ceramic flaws can be sprayed with solvent based resin or methylcellulose solution. Before the Ceracell application, the barrier should dry.
  • Coating of supplements from Ceracell F with Ceracell G mass or Schlicker Engobe
  • Cracks occurring during the drying process have no effect on the strength - the cracks can be easily closed with moist material.

Properties of the supplement composition KOREST Ceracell:

  • Color: White
  • Liability: at all, dust and grease free, porous surfaces
  • Dyeable with colorants (pigments) by addition to methyl cellulose solution
  • Shrinkage: 1.5 %
  • Wet mass storage: packed in plastic wrap
  • Mohs hardness (after curing): 2 - with fingernail scratchable (such as gypsum)
  • Drying time (depending on temperature, humidity and thickness of the supplement: about 5 to > 12 hours
  • Surface decoration is possible with all Retouch Colours and resin glazes
  • Reversibility after curing: continuous water
  • Operating temperature: < 220 ° C

Instructions for processing of KOREST Ceracell G


Preparation of methylcellulose solution

  • Sprinkle 2 g methyl cellulose powder in 100 ml distilled water, stir and leave to soak overnight.

Preparation of a bulk mixture KOREST Ceracell G as slip engobe

  • 2 parts by weight KOREST ceracell engobe powder in 1 part by weight of methylcellulose solution mix (2% in water).
  • Optional: Addition of colorants / pigments to the methylcellulose solution.
  • For mixing using a high-speed stirrer and Engobemasse rest overnight in a tightly closed container can. 
  • Remix briefly before further processing.

Processing of KOREST Ceracell G slip engobe

  • Application of the slip engobe with brush or plastic spatula on dry or wet supplements (two to three layers, each layer may be slightly sanding).
  • Small defects can also be filled with the slip engobe - layer by layer.

Preparation of a modeling paste

  • 5 parts by weight KOREST ceracell-G powder in 1 part by weight of methyl cellulose solution (2% in water) manually mix.
  • (If the mass is too hard some distilled water spray over it and knead again.)

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SPECIAL PACKAGES for bulk consumers on request!
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